What to Look For in an Outsourced Customer Service Provider

Call Centers have filled an interesting niche in the business world for decades. As companies dedicated to fulfilling customer service needs, on behalf of other businesses, some did their jobs very well, while others did them poorly. Dell’s “Dell Hell” customer service fiasco tainted the company’s brand image for years. But other, better, call centers have evolved into what can truthfully be described as “Brand Care Specialists”. The service they provide to customers is seamless. Most customers never know that they are interacting with someone who is technically outside of the company they are contacting. And this is exactly the way it should be. But how do today’s best call centers achieve this tightrope walk of speaking other businesses’ brand identities? And how do you know that a prospective brand care specialist is right for your company?


  1. The Best Customer Service Providers go above and beyond when training. Dedicated brand care specialists, like Global Response, won’t just have a cursory understanding of your brand. They will live and breathe your brand, as much or more than you and your employees. While no one has more understanding of your brand than you do, you don’t always have the time to give a measured response to every customer that contacts you. By employing a team of brand care specialists to take on this role, these individuals are able to provide considered care to every customer question and complaint. They achieve this by immersing themselves in your company culture, sometimes even training on site, until there is no question they can’t answer.
  2. The Best Customer Service Providers provide seamless customer service experiences. Considering a particular call center for your company? Ask for a list of other clients and give those businesses a call or email. You know you’ll be talking to their brand care specialists, so see how they do. What is the experience like? Would you realize that you are speaking with a call center representative, if you didn’t already know that you are? The best call centers provide a seamless customer experience. Customers feel important and cared for, not hurried or brushed aside. Their questions are answered confidently and accurately, and problems are handled quickly.
  3. The Best Customer Service Providers use your technology. The call centers you want working for you are equipped to use your systems and technologies, for perfect integration. They have a diversity of skill sets, and are able to clear up ordering problems, account questions, payment details, and every other conceivable technical issue that would be passed on to a customer service line. They are also aware of social media platforms. A great call center will meet your customers anywhere they interact with your brand, speaking your brand in the way you would yourself, if you had unlimited time.


Today’s best call centers have made enormous strides to become the best possible face for every sort of brand. If you want a brand care specialist to take your customer service to the next level, start the process today. You, and your customers, won’t regret the decision.

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