Tips Before Opening a Catering Service Business

Catering services are in demand. Given the number of events that require this service, this is definitely a viable business. When you have the skills or experience gained working for a food company or restaurant in the past, this could be a good business for you. The capital required might be high, but the returns are also great if you do well. Here are some tips to help you start this business.

Get enough experience

You need to have enough experience working for reputable caterers before starting one. Even if you are a good cook, it is not enough. There are several details in running a catering business that you need to know. Learning about the trade will also provide you with a more realistic assessment of yourself or your preparedness for opening the business. You might want to open a catering business but you don’t have the patience to deal with all other aspects.

Conduct a feasibility study

You might want to start this business in the hope of making money. Therefore, you need to know if you can really make money out of it. Do research so that you will know if there is a market for a catering service. You should also check where you can find sources of food ingredients. Will you spend less for the ingredients and gain more after selling the food? How will the food be transported to the venue of the event? How many staff members do you need to run the business? All these details are essential before opening the business.

Deal with infrastructure requirements

Since you will be dealing with gas appliances all the time, you need to follow certain laws before you are given a permit to open the business. There are different laws in every locality. You need to understand them first before you start your business. There are also laws covering home-based kitchens and an actual kitchen in a commercial establishment. For instance, there is a requirement in terms of the kitchen space and conditions. The preparation of the ingredients is also thoroughly checked along with the equipment used for cooking.

The most difficult part though is complying with the requirements for commercial catering equipment London authorities stipulate. If you are opening your business in London you need to hire a gas engineer to do the job for you. They will make sure the equipment is totally safe for use. They will provide a report proving that the equipment was checked before use. Without this document, the government will give you a warning, or even shut down your business if it is considered a risk.

Hiring an engineer is not just for installation and checking purposes. You can count on them for maintenance services and repair services. They have to come back every year to check the report previously made and update it.

These are just some of the details you need to deal with before opening your business. There are a lot more, so you need to start working now.

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