The Advantages Of Extending Your Undergraduate Degree

Yes, it is more expensive moneywise to spend an additional year or two in college or university, but, it may be money well spent if you’re looking for a career that will really take you somewhere. Undergraduate degrees that are flexible and internationally recognised are worthwhile investments for those who want to achieve their dream job. Whether you’re majoring in engineering, communications, or a variety of other fields, extra time in the classroom or in an internship can make you a much more attractive choice to potential employers. Many degrees that are in high demand around the world already require five years, sometimes more, of formal education because of the amount of knowledge required to work even an entry-level position. So, why else would you want to spend more time in school than you have to?
Cost versus Content
Being a student for five years does mean you will pay more over the long-run than if you complete your schooling in four, but you won’t have to pay as much per term or semester since you’ll be able to take fewer classes if you’d like. This also gives you the chance to work while you’re in school and have a little more money in your pocket. You’ll have more time to participate in school-related activities, too, that you might not be able to join if you’re on the four-year plan, so you’ll get the benefit of more of the “total university experience.”
Your grades and grade average might be better off if you take your time getting your degree. If you’re taking fewer classes than you would on the “normal” course of university, you’ll have more time for studying each class, which should lead to better grades. This could leave you graduating with honors instead of just the average diploma.
A Different Way to Study
One extra year would give you the time to take on an internship or co-op, or possibly to study abroad. These options just round out your skills and give you an even more substantial base that you can begin your future job with. You’ll learn how to apply all the theories you’ve learned in the classroom by actually using them, not just write papers about them. If you study abroad, you’ll learn how to adapt to a new country, its people, language, and customs, something that’s very hard to do in a classroom thousands of miles away.
When you graduate, you hit the bricks along with everybody else looking for a job. Employers see so many hopeful applicants that it’s often hard for them to remember any one person unless there’s something really special about him or her that makes that person stand out. Taking the time to really know the subject you want to work in by taking that extra year is a sign to hiring staff that you’re willing to put in the time to do things right.
Better Able to Do the Job
If you’ve gone to university for five years, you’ve probably taken some extra classes that related well to your field and filled out your knowledge-base better than if you’d only gone for four. Employers will look at your resume, see the additional work you’ve done, and rightly assume you have more to offer than your four-year classmates.
Favored Fields of Work
There are many career areas that you may want to pursue. Some of those in highest demand require more than four years of education. International business, international studies, science and education, and just about all engineering jobs demand at least five years of education in the field just to get your foot in the door. If you want to do something like be a foreign correspondent for CNN, naturally you would major in journalism or communications. That extra year you spent studying abroad would be a big help letting the network know you are fully capable of going into a new country, adjusting to it quickly, and getting the information you need without going into culture shock or offending the local residents.
There are lots of people in university right now trying their best to graduate in four years so they can begin their careers, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, you can make yourself more attractive to your future commanding officer by being more well-rounded, more knowledgeable, and just plain better prepared by taking five years to get your degree. If you do all that, then guess who’s going to get the job?

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