Step by Step: The Process

01. book a graphic designer

Because I only do development, the first step is to hire a graphic designer to create your web proofs. If you need help finding one, I have a lengthy list of pre-approved designers that I’ve worked with in the past, and I’d be happy to match you with the one that fits your style & price range best.

02. get a development estimate

Once you’ve secured a designer, it’s time to get an estimate for the development cost of your project and begin the booking process. In order to give an accurate estimate, it’s helpful to have you answer the following questions:

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself & your business.
2. Is this project a website, blog, or both?
3. Will the site need a portfolio or any special forms?
4. How many custom designed content pages will the site have? For example a contact page or about page.
5. Do you have a current site that will need content transferred?
6. Any other special requests for the site functionality-wise?

Projects are then priced on an individual basis based on the size and functionality of the site. Because of the limited amount of projects I am able to take on, Hello Monday has a project minimum of $1400. Pricing is custom tailored based on the needs of the project, with the major price jumps being an intricate portfolio or additional custom content pages. Check out this sample estimate for a website/portfolio/blog to get a better idea of how a project package might be laid out.

*Note: As of May 2015, all website prices now include mobile responsive design.

03. book the development

Once the estimate has been approved, it gets converted to an invoice which breaks the cost down into a 3-payment plan (one as a deposit, one paid at the beginning of development, and one paid at project completion). In order to officially book development for your project, you’ll need to pay a design deposit, aka one-third of your total project cost. The invoice will have a link taking you to an easy & secure payment page to keep track of your payment plan and make simple payments via card.

The final step in securing development is to review and sign a customized web contract (handled via This contract is used to protect both of us throughout the entire project. When the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, the project is added to my schedule which (in most cases) allows your design to be coded as soon as the design files are sent over from your designer.

04. Development & Testing

Once I have all the final files in hand from the designer and you have paid your second amount, your new test site will be built on Hello Monday’s private server. This will allow your current site to remain uninterrupted while the new site is being developed. When the test site is ready, it is sent to the designer for review, and then to the client for a final approval.

05. Installation

Next comes the final payment and site installation. Installation takes about 5 hours on an an average site. This includes everything from domain/host setup, theme + content installation, content transfer from previous site, etc. During this time a splash page is placed on your site so that visitors don’t stumble upon a construction zone. Once the installation is complete, I will provide you with a detailed walk-through of your new site, including step by step instructions on how to make any/all content changes.