Project Assessment + Booking

The initial step is to send us an email with your project details and needs via our contact form. We love hearing about our client’s new business ideas and how they got started. The more we know about our clients and their business, the better! We will then assess the scope of the project and provide you with a customized design contract via pdf, including a price estimate and a tentative design schedule. Your design spot will be held on our schedule for 3 business days while waiting to receive your signed contract and deposit. Once both have been received, you’ll be officially booked and ready to get started!

Creative Brainstorming + Research

This is a highly creative and crucial step in the designing process. In order to come up with the right design, we need to dig deep and gather as much information from the client as possible. To aid in this process, you will be directed to one of our online Creative Briefs (customized for either web or branding). This form is incredibly detailed and will ask you questions that will provide us with the specifics of your preferences as well as what you envision for your design. In addition, we encourage all clients to send us any visual inspiration, color palettes, photos, collages, web layouts/functions, etc.

Development of Design

This is where your ideas become reality – aka the fun part! Based on the information we’ve gathered, we’ll get to work translating your ideas into concrete graphic form. We always aim to find the perfect balance between listening to what our clients are visualizing and at the same time making sure we make good and sensible design decisions. Depending on your type of design and the number of proof options, this step in the process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. When the initial design proofs are ready, we will send them to you via email pdf. You will receive a sepearate proof for each custom page of your site and/or blog.

Proof Revisions + Final Design

We encourage you to take the time to analyze your new design proofs and send us some detailed notes for what you’d like to see revised. We want you to be absolutely in love the result! From there, we will take your notes and refine and smooth out all the rough edges. With all of design types and packages, we offer up to three rounds of revisions. At that time if you feel you’d like to add some more detailed changes, additional charges may apply at our hourly revision rate of $75. For branding clients, this is the very last step, so once final payments are made, the files will be prepped and ready to hand off to the client!

Site Development + Installation (Web only)

When your web design proof has been finalized, it’s time to bring your site to life on the web. Your design will be coded and built on a private test site, which will provide a full working model of your new design without affecting your current site (Nobody likes a construction zone!). After the test site has been finished and tested for browser compatibility, you will be invited to view the site and make a final round of necessary revisions. Now that your site is complete, it’s time to pay your remaining balance and begin site installation! During the install, a custom “coming soon” splash page will be added to your site while we prepare everything behind the scenes. At completion, we will send you an email tutorial with details on how to navigate your new site, and then you’ll be all set to take over. You can take all the time you need to adjust content/photos behind the scenes and when you’re ready to launch, we’ll just remove your splash page and you’ll be live!

Support + Maintenance (Web only)

After your site goes live, we guarantee you won’t be left “high and dry” when it comes to support and maintenance (each of our packages includes web support for one year). If you experience any error or malfunction with your site at any time, simply email us with a message marked urgent and we will be sure to get your site fixed as soon as possible. If it’s a coding problem on our end, such as “Help! My fonts are looking funny!” then your maintenance will be taken care of at no charge. If the error is on your end, for example “I was trying to add custom content to my sidebar and somehow messed up the entire design!” we’ll be here to get your site back to normal as quickly as possible for a minimal revision fee. We always want your site to be looking and running at it’s best and are here to help whenever needed!