Time for some new tutorials! What do you want to know?

Well I’m officially back from maternity leave as of yesterday (3 months went FAST!) and I can honestly say I am super excited about it! Being a full-time mommy to Baby Cohen is awesome but I’ve really missed work and having a creative outlet. When you love your job it’s weird to not work for a few months. But I loved having the time off to get to know my baby and sink into the role of being a mom.

Speaking of being a mommy, I have to take the opportunity to share my little guy with you…


For the next few weeks, I’ll definitely be finding my new groove of working from home (thankfully with help 2 days a week) and balancing coding, designing, blogging, etc with daily mom duty. We’re working with some AMAZING clients right now and I’m so excited to dive into the projects!

And now to my reason for writing this post… I’m itching to write some new tutorials! Is there anything specific you want to know/learn? It can be about WordPress or design or even the business side of things. I’m having a difficult time thinking of what people might want to read about tutorial-wise so any ideas are very welcome. Let me know!

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  1. Miranda says:

    I would love to see anything related to migrating from WordPress.com to .org or even on setting up a website outside of the WordPress world! I’m currently on .com and I need to transition to a more independent non-blog site soon.

    Also, any web design/coding tutorials would be AWESOME. I know that’s not very specific, but I’m just starting to grasp CSS and I’d love to learn more! What’s your process of taking a site from concept to coding to completion?

    • Thanks Miranda! I can definitely help with some tutorials on CSS or moving site from concept to completion – great idea! As far as moving from .com to .org what is super complicated (and long) to write out but perhaps I could do a series of posts or something :) Stay tuned!!

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