How to Find the Right TV Mount

TV screens are important in our living rooms and offices. Besides entertaining your guests, TV screens are also used for advertisements in offices. There are different types of TV mounts you can choose to place your TV at your preferred location. Of all the mount types, wall mounts are the most preferred. They are the best for saving space and placing your TV screen at an optimal viewing angle. However, you can only enjoy optimal viewing by choosing the ideal TV mount. Here are some of the things to consider before choosing a TV mount.


TV mounts are usually compatible with drywall. A TV mount composes of bolts, drywall anchors and other hardware you need to install it on the wall. How strong is your wall? Which TV mount will be compatible with your wall? Have you determined the stud position? Which TV mount will be compatible with the stud positioning? The wall type may also determine the type of TV mount to install. A brick or plaster wall may need stronger TV mount hardware.

Mounting pattern of the TV

Although most TV screens are currently using the standardized mounting pattern, you may still find a TV screen with a different pattern. The Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) pattern is the standard and common mounting pattern. The standard pattern ensures that your TV can be attached to any mount regardless of its type or size. However, it is important to check the TV pattern first to determine whether it uses the standard pattern. If not, then make sure that you select a TV mount with a similar mounting pattern.

Size and weight of the TV mount

Same size TV screens may differ in weight depending on the model or brand. This means that you cannot rely on size alone to select the right TV wall mount. From the product specifications, check on your TV’s size and weight. This will help you find a TV mount that will comfortably support your TV.

Flexibility of viewing

Do you want a fixed or flexible TV mount? If you want to adjust your TV, then choose a flexible TV mount. There are different types of flexible TV mounts. Some TV mounts can be swivelled side to side while others can be adjusted up and down. There are also TV mounts that you can swivel in all directions.

Finally, do you want a corner or wall mount? Your ideal TV viewing position will determine the best TV mount. There are TV mounts specifically manufactured for corners. With these guidelines, you will find the perfect wall mount for your screen. It is advisable to purchase the screen and TV mount at the same time, for compatibility.


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