How to Find an Amazing Venue in the Midlands

You know you need to choose the perfect venue for you event. You understand how important the venue is for overall event success. Your venue is one of the key factors that creates a standout event – or contributes to the whole thing being a bit of a let-down. But how do you make sure your venue is a star attraction? When looking for a venue in the Midlands you need to know exactly what you are searching for. Take a look at these different aspects of choosing a venue that will help you narrow down your perfect Midlands match.

Look at Cost

Obviously your budget is going to be of prime consideration when planning an event. But the cheapest venue in the Midlands is not, of course, necessarily the best. You do also want to ensure that your venue meets your overall needs. Remember that you can bring the cost down by being flexible on the date. You can also look for ways to save money on other aspects of the event, including things like banner printers, so you have a bit more to spend on a venue.

Look at Location

You need your venue to be easy to access, preferably by both road and public transport so you give people options for travel. It is a good idea to look at airport access if you are having delegates attend from abroad. There are plenty of Midlands venues that meet these criteria.

Choose Your Capacity

Always pick a venue that fits the amount of people you are hosting the event for – you will run into all kinds of problems if you don’t get this equation right. It sounds obvious but you do need to double check and make sure you have the right configurations of space for the number of delegates attending.

Check the Style

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time decorating your venue, then choose somewhere that already matches the style of your event. Then you can focus on the content of your pop up stand displays and the individual detail, rather than having to create ambience from scratch.

Some Standout Midlands Venue Ideas

If you’re looking for a Midlands venue then the iconic choices are in Birmingham. These include the NEC, which has been popular for decades, and the International Convention Centre. Both these spaces have a wide variety of different configurations for different types of events. In Coventry you also have a good amount of choice, and if you want a large venue then the Ricoh Arena is an excellent choice. The Warwickshire Exhibition Centre – WEC – has outdoor space plus a huge amount of car parking space and a range of different indoor spaces to suit different types of events and shows.

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