How to Design a Traditional Home on a Small Budget

The most significant issue when it comes to designing a home is finding a significantly affordable aesthetic. Contemporary houses opt for minimalistic modern designs which are cheap to pull off with knock-off designs of brand labels being more accessible to find in the market. But for those looking to add the traditional rustic feel of a home to their house, they might be in for a surprise. Not only will their eyes water over the expense that they’ll have to cover in redecorating, primarily on the expensive furniture pieces, but they’ll also have to deal with not being familiar with the market and where to buy which piece.

If you’re one of the picky few who wants to bring back your home to a more traditional look, then our tips and tricks here will not just help you in giving you the lowdown on providing a rustic design to your home but will also keep it within a relatively small budget.

Choose affordable materials

Redecorating can be a tough juggling act of managing your budget, allocating your expenses, and figuring out what you want and what you can have. The main appeal of the traditional look is based on older designs of homes with hardwood. Now, if you’re thinking of buying wood to do your flooring, then you will see that you’ll be spending more than half of your budget on the floor alone.

Vinyl flooring is an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood. Not only is vinyl easier to install, but it also has a long lifespan which includes resistance to stains and water which authentic wood requires multiple layers of wax and varnish to achieve.

Composite doors are also a great way to make do without buying authentic wooden doors. Composite doors are made up of different materials but can pass off as hardwood depending on the design of your choosing.

Find the right furniture

We’ve told you how to cut back on your expenses so that you can spend more on furniture pieces. Finding the right furniture provider can be complicated,especially for original items. Legends Furniture use a tried and tested formula of a wide variety of furniture pieces that can be bought in sets. The bedroom and the living room are the places where you get to show off your commitment to the rustic look and while having authentic furniture pieces might use more of your budget, it’s never a bad idea to go for the real thing when it comes to furniture.

Mix both worlds together

Just because you’re going for a rustic home look doesn’t mean that you have to overhaul all of your furniture. You can still keep your home segmented with regards to your aesthetics. Keeping your contemporary furniture in the dining area or the lounge area while having a consistent theme of a traditional home in your bedroom is an excellent touch toward putting your personality and keeping your house modern and diverse when it comes to design at the same time.


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