How Can Your Small Business Make Extra Money In 2015?

Owning a small business enterprise requires tough work and sheer determination in order for it to grow. As an entrepreneur, you can start in small ways that can lead to bigger opportunities. From switching your focus to adding valuable service, you’ll find plenty of ways that you can make extra money to help your budding business. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Boost your energy

One way to save money for the coming year is to streamline your use of energy, so that you can divert some to other endeavors. If you’re using an office that requires a great number of light bulbs during the day, you can shift to LED bulbs that use less electricity that the standard ones. You can also reduce wasting of energy by simply turning off the computers when not in use. Another good idea is instead of using a laptop to take notes, get back to basics with paper and pen.

Bundle it up

For small businesses, analysts suggest that creating special bundles encourages customers to buy something that they would otherwise ignore. People love saving cash and so bundling together your products helps them understand the value of their purchase. A good idea is to bundle a slow-selling product with your best-selling product to move the stock at a steady pace. Creating interesting bundles can raise interest from your customers, leading them to purchase more from you.

Add a service

Looking at successful businesses like Lyft and Uber, people find value in having a reliable service that caters to their needs. One way to earn extra money is to add a service that relates well with the nature of your original business, one example would be a delivery service. If you have a small business at home, you can choose to deliver the goods directly to the homes of your customers. Another way to add a service is to utilize mobile offerings to get your product out there, this can be achieved by creating a specialized app where customers can purchase goods straight from you.

Let go of goods

If you have old hardware and software just lying around in your office space, why not sell them and use the extra money to buy newer and better hardware? Choosing to sell used IT equipment is always a profitable endeavor and some companies even have websites that specialize on this field. Some hardware-based forums like Hard Forum and sites like and Reddit’s /r/hardwareswap are just some of the places where you can get an honest deal for your old wares. It might be easier to just opt to sell it to recyclers and companies who reprocess, but expect to get less money when you deal with those businesses. Letting go of goods is a good way to maximize your savings.

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