How long will my design take once you start?

For branding, projects are typically taken from start to finish in 4-6 weeks. This time may vary depending on the number of revisions made and does not include print time estimates.

For web, project time varies based on the complexity of the site. On average, sites are launched within 6-8 weeks of the design start date.

Why do you only design for WordPress? What is it & how much does it cost?

WordPress.org offers the best of both worlds for designers and clients. It enables designers to take full control of all aspects of the design and then allows them to hand the site off to the client for easy content management. Whether it’s a simple (yet stunning!) blog or a full blown photography website with multiple gallery features, WordPress can handle it with ease. We build all our client websites custom using the Genesis framework, which ensures that your website will remain unharmed and flawless through every WordPress update.

WordPress.org is a free-to-use platform, however it does require hosting. Depending on the size and features of your site, hosting can range in price significantly, however the majority of our clients pay no more than $5 a month for their hosting plan. When we get close to installing your new design, we will send you a list of approved WordPress hosts and you can choose which one works best for you and fits your budget.

How many client projects do you book at a time?

In order to provide our clients with a quality design and undivided attention, we currently take on roughly 2 web projects per month. We prefer to focus on a small number of projects which results in a fast turnaround time.

Is logo design included with the web design packages?

No, all branding services are offered separately in addition to our web packages. If you purchase a web design package but do not already have a logo, a text title/photo header will be created as part of your web design. Please note that this header will not be intended for print use and will be limited to use only on your website.

Will I own my new logo? What format will my logo files be delivered?

Yes, you will own your new logo and can be used specifically for your business/company needs. The final approved files will be sent to the clients in the following files: high res jpg, pdf, and illustrator eps file.

Will I be able to easily make content changes on my own?

Yes! That is one of the main reasons why we use the WordPress platform to build all our sites. You will have the ability to make changes at any time to almost every aspect of the site content without needing any knowledge of web coding.

May I contact you with future revisions after my site is finished?

Yes! It’s unrealistic to think that once the design is finished there will be no need for further revisions. Over time you will surely want to make updates to the site design (your logo, header, custom fonts, etc) and freshen up your “look”. While there are several minor changes that you will be able to make yourself (such as changing your linkbar titles, adding/removing pages or widgets, rearranging your sidebar items, etc) some revisions are specific to your design and will need special attention.

We’re more than happy to make any future design revisions that you might need! Just send us an email with a bulleted list of changes and we will respond with a timeline and quote for those revisions.

I need some work done on a site that you didn’t design. Do you offer this service?

Every web designer has a different way of writing and styling code; with that said, we can only offer maintenance and revision services for websites we have designed ourselves.

I already have the design I want. Can you do the web coding?

Absolutely! These projects are priced individually. Send us an email and we can get into all the details. Note: This option is only available to graphic designers.

How, when, & where do I make my payments?

A 50% design deposit is required prior to the start of any work in order to book your design spot on our schedule. This amount will be invoiced to you with your contract via email. (Note: For projects priced at $600 and below, full payment is due upfront.) The remaining balance is due in full at project completion, prior to delivering any files or beginning site installation.

We are proud to offer a credit card payment system directly through our website (processed via Stripe). Our server is secure and efficient and we guarantee that your information will never be stored on our site. After payment has been made, you will receive an email confirmation and receipt within 24 hours.

Need to make a payment? Click here to visit our payment page.

What is your refund policy?

The 50% design deposit paid upfront is non-refundable. Any further request for refund will be dependent on the amount of design work already completed. (Design work already completed will not be refunded for any reason).