New Site Launches!

With all the craziness going on over here these past few months (babies, our re-brand & launch, new bookings, etc) we have neglected to share with you several new sites of ours that have gone live. We love getting to work with so many different kinds of clients, and these 4 sites represent a makeup artist, photographer, personal blogger, and non-profit org. Click below to see their websites and stay tuned because we’ve got several more launching soon!

emarz cheri

bacon- willow

WordPress 101: Simple Guide to Choosing a Web Host

Today, I want to touch on the subject of web hosting and the importance of choosing the right one. This was definitely a “live and learn” area for me when I first stepped into the world of WordPress and I hope I can save you a big headache by giving you a few tips and steering you in the right direction.

If you are brand new to WP, you may be confused thinking “Wait, I thought WordPress was free?”. Well, the WP platform itself is free to use but you will still need a host to get your site online (read my note at the bottom of this post for more info). Finding the right host is arguably the MOST important step in having a successful website as it controls your website’s speed & accessibility, protects your files, handles fluctuations in your web traffic, etc. With a host, you are essentially paying to essentially “lease” a space on the internet for your website.

There are millions of opinions out there about which host is the best, and honestly there are many great ones to choose from! Picking the right one can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. I’ve worked with several different hosts and have learned firsthand just how much a bad host can ruin your site; so today I want to share with you a short list of the most important things to look for (in my opinion) when choosing a WordPress host: Continue reading…

WordPress 101: Using Genesis & Why It’s Crucial

I’ve been getting a lot of requests via email and comments for tutorials on creating your own website using the WordPress platform. Honestly, I’ve been a little extremely overwhelmed by the thought of trying to write this out as it took me YEARS to figure out on my own (even though I went to school for web design, most of my WP knowledge has been self-taught). But I do love to help people learn coding so I’m going to do my best. I’ll just start with one small tutorial at a time and teach mainly from the standpoint of the mistakes I made as a WP beginner. Hopefully I can help somebody and save them a lot of time! With all that said, I am officially launching a new weekly tutorial series, starting today with why using the Genesis Framework for building your site is absolutely crucial…

When I first decided to learn WP (way before I was designing for clients), I purchased several premade themes that had the functionality of sites that I wanted to make. I would download the theme and then start to pick apart the css, html, scripts, etc, trying to figure out what it all meant. Well let me tell you, after years of designing websites and blogs, in addition to going to school for web design, I still had no idea what I was even reading! WP was unlike any language I had ever heard of and the more I searched for understanding the more confused I became.

Not being able to figure out how to adjust the functionality, I decided to start by just manipulating the css to get it to at least look the way I wanted. Tip: Download firebug to help find the classes and IDs that you want to call via css. More on that later. Anyways, through MUCH trial and error, I finally designed myself a blog I was proud of. Even if I didn’t understand the way it was built, I had at least figured how to edit the look of it, and that was a great start.

Enter problem #1… Continue reading…

Time for some new tutorials! What do you want to know?

Well I’m officially back from maternity leave as of yesterday (3 months went FAST!) and I can honestly say I am super excited about it! Being a full-time mommy to Baby Cohen is awesome but I’ve really missed work and having a creative outlet. When you love your job it’s weird to not work for a few months. But I loved having the time off to get to know my baby and sink into the role of being a mom.

Speaking of being a mommy, I have to take the opportunity to share my little guy with you…


For the next few weeks, I’ll definitely be finding my new groove of working from home (thankfully with help 2 days a week) and balancing coding, designing, blogging, etc with daily mom duty. We’re working with some AMAZING clients right now and I’m so excited to dive into the projects!

And now to my reason for writing this post… I’m itching to write some new tutorials! Is there anything specific you want to know/learn? It can be about WordPress or design or even the business side of things. I’m having a difficult time thinking of what people might want to read about tutorial-wise so any ideas are very welcome. Let me know!

2014 Site Revamp + Update

We’re so excited to officially launch our new 2014 website! After a super fun, successful, crazy whirlwind, first year of business we felt that our site deserved a grand update. It’s incredible how quickly as designers our design tastes grow and shift, and we wanted to be sure that our website and brand reflects our current style to potential clients.


Our new design features a revamped logo, clean & sleek fonts in small print, large photos, and tons of gorgeous white space – all working together to achieve the bold, modern, minimalistic feel that we both love so much. Believe it or not, it is so much harder to design a clean, minimalistic website, but as usual, Sarah killed it and hit the design right on the mark :)

Web-wise, this is the cleanest, most efficient coding I’ve ever done on a site and I am uber-proud of it. Everything on this website & blog was created custom down to the smallest little details! I integrated a super chic, user-friendly portfolio to show off our work (which has finally been updated too – check it out!) and I’m obsessed with the simplicity of our new faq page. Oh and I also added a sticky menu bar for easy navigation around the site (scroll down to see it appear) and it’s especially handy on the blog. What do you think?!

As far as booking goes, we have offered our first design spots of the year to those who have been on our inquiry list over the past few months, and so at the moment we are currently booked until the beginning of April. If you’d like to get a spot booked for April or May, contact us and tell us about your project! We are so excited to see what amazing clients and projects 2014 brings our way!

As for the blog, we’ll be back in action posting tutorials, design musings, and most likely writing a lot on the topic of balancing both of our new roles as working moms! And if you want some more specific updates on Baby Cohen and Baby Liam, be sure to check out our personal blogs and follow our instagram pages.

Happy Monday to you all! It feels so great to be back!

8 FREE Must-Have WordPress Plugins!


There are several WordPress plugins that we love to install on all of our client sites (as well as our own). Today I thought I’d share a few of them with you so you can give your own site a boost. Each of these are super easy to install yourself and, best of all, they are free! Enjoy! And let me know if you have any favorites that I left off this list. Continue reading…