Are You Keeping Your Employees Safe on the Job?

Whether you have a handful of workers or hundreds, your goal is always a safe work environment. With that being the case, how good of a job would you say you are doing in this respect?

When you think about it, consider all the potential safety issues that can arise on the job each day.

Among some of the more common injuries when employees are on the clock:

· Back injuries – These occur from too much bending or sitting in the wrong position. They can also happen if an employee lifts an item the wrong way or it is too heavy for them.

· Neck injuries – Bad posture oftentimes leads to problems with the back and of course the neck.

· Driving accidents – If employees drive on the job, how safe are they on the roads?

To best safeguard your company, make sure you review your safety protocols in place.

Injuries Don’t Need to Happen

Although there is never a guarantee your employees will not get hurt, there are protocols to put in place.

If you have not already, consider the following:

1. Office setup – How is your office setup doing? Do you have it so your workers have enough space to do their jobs in a proper manner? Are the chairs they work from comfortable? Do they avoid having to bend or sit in an awkward position during the day to work at their computers? Always do your best to make for a healthy arrangement.

2. Company vehicles – If employees go out during the day, there’s a chance they will be using company vehicles. That said are your vehicles maintained? If not, you could be placing your employees and others in harm’s way. Along with regular maintenance, consider adding a license plate backup camera. This device works to remove blind spots, spots that can lead to accidents. Also work to remind your employees to always obey the rules of the road. This means no reckless or drowsy driving, and of course never drinking on the job.

3. Outside safety – Although you can’t check your employees 24/7 (nor would you want to), their safety is of importance. For instance, is your office parking lot safe? Does it have the proper lighting for early morning and late night usage? If only one or two of your employees are in the office at a time, do you have the proper locks and more in place? In the event you keep money onsite, is it a small or large amount? If the latter, what safeguards are in place against theft and possible harm to your workers? Always review the safety practices in place to make sure you’re not missing something.

Keeping employees safe on the job is one of your most important responsibilities. That said are you up to the task?

As an employer, what advice do you have for other owners to upgrade their workplace safety?

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