Hello Monday Creative is a full-service design studio located in the greater Seattle area, specializing in projects ranging from web to print to branding.
At Hello Monday, we believe that good design stems from a strong, creative, and well thought out design process – And that is what we do best!
We are so passionate about what we create and love what we do.
web design + web development

Lindsay is a California girl, military spouse, mom to baby Cohen, and a self-proclaimed perfectionist who happens to have a crazy passion for writing web code. Lindsay received her BS in Business from Biola University followed by a Web & Graphic Graduate Certificate from Sessions. Her expertise & experience in both marketing and design gives her a unique edge in building sites for a wide variety of clients.

In 2010, Lindsay formed Lindsay Nicole Design and began her career as a web designer. With over 100 client websites under her belt and training in multiple web platforms, she is ready to tackle any web project that comes her way!

branding, graphic + web design

Sarah is an amateur photographer, new mom to baby Liam, a wannabe gourmet cook, and has a huge passion for creating eye- catching yet elegant design for both print and web. In 2008, Sarah had the opportunity to escape the corporate world and form Truly Smitten, a design studio focused on branding, wedding and social event invitations. Beginning with a client-base of friends, business quickly took off and has been growing ever since!

When Sarah is not designing for clients, she continues to express her creativity in other ways such as cooking, styling, photography, and illustration.