7 tips for creating a successful business event

Organising a successful business event is no easy task; it takes a great deal of planning and organisation. Whether it is a seminar, conference or customer day, the success of your event is in the small details. Many small or medium sized companies decide to use one of the many event management companies in the market who specialise in either their sector or the type of event they are deciding to arrange – whilst other braver firms will take on the role themselves.

Here are 7 tips on how to make your business event a huge success:

  1. Decide on your target audience

This is the first thing you should do – decide who you want your event to reach and attract.

  1. Details

You should then make a list of the finer details of the event, including: transportation, the event schedule, parking etc. This will come in useful as you can work your way down the list and ensure you don’t miss anything out.

  1. Business purpose

You should always ensure you have a clear concise business purpose for holding an event – the objectives of this event should correspond with your main goal/ purpose. For example; is it to launch a new product? Introduce a new director? Or develop customer loyalty?

  1. Industry events

Before setting the date of your event, you should be careful to research if there are any other industry events taking place on the same day. If this is the case, you may find that fewer people will attend yours.

  1. Budget

Ensure you have a realistic budget in mind – whilst we would all like to have the biggest and best event of the year, sometimes it just isn’t viable. So, be sure to stick within your means and work with what you have.

  1. Why should people turn up?

Inviting 200 people is fine; but getting 200 people to turn up to your event is another matter. So, you need to entice them with the benefits of attending – whether this is a prize draw or a discount.

  1. Social media

Ensure your event is plastered all over social media – get the hashtags involved and create an event page. This will get an increasing number of people interested and motivated to attend. Also, ensure you have a media team covering this event with video recorders etc ready to post on YouTube afterwards.

With these solid tips and hints in mind, your business event will be a total success – just remember to be as organised as possible.

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