4 Top Tips to Improve Your Point of Sale

Selling products and giving good customer service doesn’t end once the customers has chosen what they want and come to the checkouts. There are several things you can still do to both push up the value of each transaction, and make the customer feel even better about doing business with you. Here are four of the best things that you should be doing right now.

Impulse Products

Placing certain products by your point of sale is a good way to squeeze out a little extra, but you’ve got to get things right. You don’t want an overly cluttered area, or customers simply will not look at what you’ve got. Instead, strategically place one or two low value items where they can be clearly seen. With a bit of luck, some people will pick a few items up as they’re paying for the rest of their shopping.

Contactless Payments

If you haven’t already got contactless terminals, then you should get with the times and upgrade. These terminals mean that your customers can simply tap their card to the device and make payment, without having to slide their card in and enter their PIN. It makes things much, much faster for both you and them. Visa and MasterCard have also made sure that things are very secure, so there’s nothing to worry about. You should also rethink your minimum spend policy if you’ve got one, as, according to Card Cutters, Visa are clamping down on this practice.

Leaflets and Business Cards

If you’ve got offers on or something new to tell your customers, then giving them a card or leaflet to take away can be a good way of ensuring they return to your shop. If you’d rather not use paper, then you can always give them the opportunity to leave their email address with you, which means you can keep in touch this way.


Finding out exactly what your customers think of the service that you provide is really very valuable indeed. It’s increasingly common for retailers to provide either a physical survey for their customers to complete, or a link on receipts that point to one online. These are often combined with offers and deals that customers can access only by completing the survey. Get either of these at your point of sale to better understand your customers and what you’re giving to them.

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