4 Eye-Catching Ways to Make Your Exhibition Stand Look Amazing

Trade show exhibition stands have a tendency to look very similar. The standard features of a display stand include some bright banners and screens displaying the company name and logo, a set of freebies for people to pick up, friendly staff, and some literature like flyers and brochures. So far, so good, but is it enough? Not necessarily. If you want to make a big impact and a big ROI at a trade show, you need to think a little bigger with your display stand.

And we’re not talking size, necessarily. We’re talking special features, and eye-catching ways your display stand can make a big impact.

1. Give Your Customers Exactly What They Need

One of the best ways of designing an eye-catching display stand is to really think about what your customers want from you. This will give you a solid base on which to design your stand, with their needs in mind. Make sure that your display stand reflects your brand and gives the impression of its values and mission. Once you have a clear idea of what your customers are looking for you can design a stand with roller banners and screens that builds on the theme and puts it across in an innovative way.

2. Keep it Personal

In line with focusing on what your customers want and need, take a look at how to design your stand with a personal touch. The worst thing you can do, when you want to stand out, is to create a generic stand, no matter how professionally designed it is. You want to include your company’s personality in the design, and make your space as welcoming as possible with friendly staff and personalised greetings.

3. Display Graphics Effectively

Make full use of the height, width and breadth of your display space. Place long range graphics at the highest point so you are attracting people from as great a distance as possible. Put short range graphics and text at eye level to make it easier to see.

4. Make Effective Use of Images

All images, whether they are on roller banners or flyer printing, must be relevant. Don’t fall into the trap of using stock photos that don’t actually say anything about your company. Your banners should have more images than text to attract attention, and leaflet printing for the literature on your stand should have a good balance of carefully selected images and short blocks of text. Good use of images is particularly important on literature like brochures and leaflets since these are smaller spaces. Use images to convey complex issues. And don’t forget your white space! Too much information and clutter leaves people overwhelmed.

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