3 Keys When Hiring and Employing Salespeople

When you are a small business owner with salespeople under your wing, it is critical to do things right.

From hiring the best and brightest to making sure they have the tools to succeed, be on top of your game.

With that thought in mind, is there more you could be doing when it comes to your company’s sales efforts?

Put Your Company on Track to Sell Success

In looking to have a successful small business, here are three keys when looking to hire and keep the best:

  1. How you go about hiring – What efforts you take to hire salespeople is something you can’t gloss over. Do you tend to put ads in local publications both online and off? Have you done any networking? That is when it comes to hiring top salespeople from other companies? Do you have career fairs throughout the year in hopes of landing some salespeople? No matter how you go about it, be sure you do what it takes to get the right people in the right positions. Having the right salespeople and treating them well can lead to long relationships.
  2. Make sure they are properly compensated – There is little doubt sales can be stressful. As such, you want to make sure your folks are treated well. From the base salary to commissions and more, you want happy employees. You do not want those looking to jump ship at the first chance possible. So, do you have commission tracker software in your operation? Such software allows you to make sure the right people get the right commissions. Failure to deliver those commissions to the right folks can lead to some friction within. It is also good to have options for salespeople to move up the ladder at your company. Doing this can give many salespeople reasons to work even harder for you. When they do, you and they tend to come out ahead at the end of the day.
  3. Providing the tools – That software is a good tool for you and the salespeople. Meantime, also look at the resources they have to sell your brand. The right technology both in and out of the office can make a big huge difference. If some or many of your salespeople go out on the road to meet with clients, they will need tech on the road too. Everything from the right cell phone to laptop and more can prove key when away from the home office.

When you look at how your business is doing with sales compared to your competitors, do you tend to like what you see?

Even though your sales may slump for a small bit of time, you do not want such slumps to become the norm.

It is imperative that you are doing all you can to keep sales headed in the right direction. When they are, your revenue should have you smiling.

When hiring and employing those to sell, will you sell those workers on a successful future with you?

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